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If you took Honors Algebra II last year and still have the book you may use it and you won't need to purchase it again here. If you do not already have the book you may choose to purchase the Hardcover text (Option 1) or eBook (Option 2). The MyLab component is not needed.

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Option 1: College Algebra & Trigonometry 6th edition Hardcover Book Alone


If you want a hardcover book you may use the Marketplace or Amazon options to shop for the best deal. If you purchase new from the publisher be careful to select the correct Print option on the publisher site.

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Option 2: College Algebra & Trigonometry 6th edition eBook


If you want to use an eBook use this option. Be sure to select the correct eText item on the publisher site.

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TI-84 Graphing Calculator (Models: TI-84 - TI-84 Plus - TI-84 Silver Edition or TI-84 CE) (either new or used)


This Calculator will be taught and used in all levels of Math classes, as well as in some science classes. Any version of the Texas Instruments TI-84 will be sufficient. (TI-84 - TI-84 Plus - TI-84 Silver Edition or TI-84 CE). Do not get any other model number. This calculator will likely be used in college math classes as well. The calculator can be purchased in used condition or from other vendors.

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