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For the items below, click the Publisher/Distributor button. Input the school zip code (94558) and then select Justin Siena High School. A drop down menu with each course will appear. Each course will give parents an option of purchasing the hardcover book or the eBook-only access. There are notes in the side margins to help you. Add items to the cart and then proceed with the checkout process. Note that you MUST purchase the textbooks and eBook access from this website. This is the ONLY website that offers the online access for Envision Math AGA 2018 and the only way that the licenses will be provisioned to our school's account properly. Purchases through Amazon, ebay and other 3rd party websites will not result in the proper licensing of the ebooks and online access and will be costly as you will be directed back to the above website to make purchases. Pricing for the hardcover textbooks includes shipping.

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Calculus: Graphical Numerical Algebraic 6th Edition 2020 Student Edition + 1yr MyMathLab for School w/ Pearson eText


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MyMathLab for School 1yr - Digital Delivery Access


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TI-84 Graphing Calculator (Models: TI-84 - TI-84 Plus - TI-84 Silver Edition or TI-84 CE) (either new or used)


This Calculator will be taught and used in all levels of Math classes, as well as in some science classes. Any version of the Texas Instruments TI-84 will be sufficient. (TI-84 - TI-84 Plus - TI-84 Silver Edition or TI-84 CE). Do not get any other model number. This calculator will likely be used in college math classes as well. The calculator can be purchased in used condition or from other vendors.

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